Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Event 3 - "Fourth State of Matter"

            For the third event, I attended Fourth State of Matter, which focused on the application of mathematics and physics to artistic design and creation.
            Among the several eclectic exhibits within the showroom, the chaos visualization stood out to me. Humanity’s futile attempt to find order in chaos is demonstrated by our primal fear of the unknown. The artist’s visualization does not seek to find order in chaos or even to understand it but instead to demonstrate its allure. A seemingly systematic function quickly succumbs to chaotic behavior through constant iteration subject to varying boundary conditions. I believe that this visualization demonstrates the rapidity of a system’s declining condition when subjected to the proper boundary conditions. This is, of course, not only applicable to mathematical functions with set parameters but can be extrapolated to any established system. With the right pieces in place, a seemingly ordered system can quickly devolve into chaos.

Entropy by Eric Fram
            Another exhibit that caught my attention was Entropy by Eric Fram. The struggle between entropy and energy manifests itself in the flux ropes and microstates available to the system. The artist provides a visualization of the continuity of entropy’s response to different energy states. By placing a human of growing age in successive frames, the artist shows how chaos in ones’ life declines as time passes. As human’s and other species age, they are able to bring order to an otherwise chaotic world through the understanding of the events around them.
Me with Entropy

Other Works at the Exhibition:
The Chaos Inside by Sydnie Bui
Lightning Mandala by Judy Kim

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